Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m a Paderborn-based math enthusiast turned software developer, navigating the ever-evolving world of technology with a cup of coffee in one hand and a zest for learning in the other.

My journey began in the historic city of Paderborn, Germany, where I pursued my passion for mathematics at the University of Paderborn. This academic pursuit not only honed my analytical skills but also laid the foundation for my future career in software development. Today, I call this beautiful city my home, sharing life’s adventures with my wonderful wife and our two incredible daughters.

Since 2006, I’ve been carving my niche in the tech world as a freelancer. This path has been nothing short of exhilarating. The freedom and flexibility of freelancing have allowed me to collaborate with a diverse array of companies, each with its unique challenges and learning opportunities. It’s this variety that keeps my job exciting and fulfilling.

At the heart of my professional life is a deep-seated passion for developer productivity. I’m constantly exploring ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in software development, always with an eye towards practical solutions and innovative approaches. This enthusiasm extends beyond my work; it’s a philosophy that I eagerly share through my blog.

My technical toolkit is primarily anchored in Java, a language I’ve grown to admire for its robustness and versatility. However, my interest in Kotlin has been steadily growing, captivated by its modern features and concise syntax. Together, these languages form the backbone of my development work.

Rewinding back to 1998, my first foray into the world of Linux began with SUSE 5.3, marking the start of a long-lasting relationship with open-source software. These days, Ubuntu is my go-to OS, powering all my systems and supporting my daily workflow.

One of my favorite aspects of technology is the ability to automate tasks. Whether it’s through pragmatic Bash scripting or crafting solutions with Kotlin and other languages, I find immense satisfaction in creating systems that work efficiently and effectively.

Through this blog, I aim to share insights, experiences, and tips in the realms of Java, Kotlin, and developer productivity. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting out, I hope to offer valuable perspectives and spark engaging discussions.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to connecting with you!